The Unyvero Cartridge

The unique technology in the Unyvero A50 cartridges delivers the broadest array of microorganism and antibiotic resistance results for diagnosis and treatment of severe infectious diseases. The single-use cartridges contain all the components required for the 3-step process.

The homogenized and liquefied sample prepared by the Unyvero Lysator is mixed with buffers and then the DNA is isolated in the DNA purification column.

The purified DNA is mixed with reagents and master mix in the mixing chamber, then ported into the multiplex PCR chambers through microfluidics. The Unyvero cartridges contain 8 PCR chambers in which amplification and DNA hybridization takes place. Each chamber has an individually assigned probe to manage the specific reaction in the corresponding PCR chamber. After amplification and hybridization, the sample is ready for detection.

The amplicon detection is performed by hybridization on 8 permeable nylon membranes, each integrated with a unique 7-by-7 spot detection probe grid. With 49 spots on each of 8 chambers, the Unyvero A50 is capable of delivering the broadest panels for syndromic testing.