PULB PCR-Compatible Universal Lysis Buffer (RUO)*

Extraction without an extraction kit – a solution to enhance testing capacity and simplify the process for DNA & RNA prep

DNA & RNA preparation is simplified, faster, and cheaper with PULB.

PULB enables DNA & RNA prep without the need for extraction equipment or extraction kits/reagents, thereby providing operational and workflow efficiencies as well as time and cost savings.

Nucleic acid extraction is a major bottleneck in today’s diagnostics. In various diagnostic testing settings, bacterial and viral nucleic acid extraction may lead to delayed results due to longer logistic times, component availabilities, hands-on time and higher costs. PULB is a PCR-compatible lysis buffer that maximizes the process efficiency and offers significant advantages in DNA and RNA prep.

PULB – PCR-Compatible Universal Lysis Buffer (RUO) enables the release of nucleic acids directly from biological samples in just one step without the need of further components such as extraction columns. RNA isolation is an essential step for viral detection. PULB enables the use of various types of specimens such as nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs and certain viral transport media. PULB can be used in combination with most commercially available real-time nucleic acid PCR tests.

Achieve results more efficiently when testing for SARS-CoV-2
With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise, efforts to simplify the current testing methods and address the need for expanded testing capacity are critical. The most widely used method of COVID-19 diagnostics is a reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay, to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in patient samples. RNA extraction is a major bottleneck in current COVID-19 testing, due to component availability, time-to-results, hands-on time, and costs.

PULB enables an approach to COVID-19 testing which circumvents RNA extraction by performing real-time PCR directly on samples treated with PULB. Eliminating the need for an extraction kit allows for increased diagnostic testing availability and efficiency.

In laboratories where revalidation of SARS-CoV-2 testing is not an option, PULB can still help to keep up with or increase molecular testing capacity by using it for all other non-COVID-19 tests that would otherwise require extraction.


  • RNA & DNA Extraction without the need for an extraction kit
  • Saves labor and reagent cost
  • Significantly reduces total test time
  • Ready-to-use with a simple procedure
  • Works with viruses and bacteria, directly from lysed sample to PCR assay

An easy workflow of the PULB PCR Lysis Buffer with minimal hands-on time enables faster result generation in RNA and DNA extraction

  • Collect sample with swab
  • Use 200uL PULB in a microreaction tube
  • Place swab into the tube and swirl for 10 seconds

  • Remove swab and close the tube

  • Incubate 5 min at 95°C
  • Immediately proceed to next step

  • Use 1-10uL as template in 20uL PCR or reverse transcription PCR reaction (depending on your PCR master mix).

For Manufacturers of PCR-Based Infectious Disease Kits:

PULB can also be incorporated into many PCR kits for infectious diseases.

*Research Use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. To achieve best performance, the use of dry swabs is strongly recommended. By using swabs in transport medium, a decrease in PCR sensitivity due to sample dilution may be observed.