Fast & Simple Syndromic Testing for Severe Infections – Improving Patient Outcomes

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SARS-CoV-2 and Multiplex PCR HPN Panel for Pneumonia with results in 4-5 hours

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Antibiotic resistant microorganisms are a global health threat*

Priority number one is to help detect pathogens rapidly, including associated antibiotic resistance genes

Our Solution

Curetis offers a rapid detection solution with one of the broadest spectra of microorganisms and antibiotic resistant genes.

Our Solution

With the Curetis solution, physicians can potentially optimize treatment faster and make better use of available antibiotics, which can help improve patient outcomes.**

Our Solution

The Unyvero A50 Solution

With the Unyvero A50 Solution, Curetis has developed a molecular diagnostics system for reliable and extremely rapid diagnosis of severe infectious diseases within just 4-5 hours. The system uses powerful multiplex PCR technology and syndromic testing to detect a wide variety of microorganisms, antibiotic resistance markers, or toxins.


Results in 4-5 hours versus 1-4 days


Sample-to-answer, easy workflow


High sensitivity and specificity for clinically actionable answers


Broad syndromic panels for major infectious diseases

Unyvero A50 Applications for Major Infectious Disease

HPN — Hospitalized Pneumonia

The Unyvero HPN Application includes a broad spectrum of 21 microorganisms and 19 resistance genes, making a total of 40 analytes. This covers over 95% of the most common and atypical bacteria found in severe lower respiratory infections.

HPN Solution

BCU — Blood Culture

Analyzes the DNA of 103 pathogens and resistance genes from a positive blood cultures for fast diagnostics of blood stream infections.

BCU Solution

IAI — Intra-Abdominal Infection

Analyzes 130 pathogens, toxins and resistance genes with a sample-to-answer time of 4-5 hours for the quick decisions on the most appropriate treatment path.

IAI Solution

UTI — Urinary Tract Infection

Analyzes broad panel of 103 microorganisms and resistance genes to optimize treatment for patients with severe urinary tract infections.

UTI Solution

ITI — Implant & Tissue Infection

Analyzes 102 pathogens including subspecies and resistance genes delivers results with high sensitivity and specificity for a fast and adequate treatment decision.

ITI Solution

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